Monday, October 13, 2003

Update on Fukuoka City School Abuse Case
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After a little checking, it seems this case apparently goes back a while. Here's a Yahoo! Japan article from the end of August reporting on Hayashida's suspension. It claims that the abuse began occurring before he knew that the boy had an American great-grandfather, during a period between April and June; it was only during a home visit on May 12th that the teacher learned of the student's ancestry, at which point, he told the boy that his blood was dirty, and pointed him out during subsequent gym classes as "the American." So it's not really clear he's an actual racist, as opposed to merely a generalized asshole who will attack any weakness in a target.

Anyway, if a teacher came into my home and insulted my family, I'd throw him out in the street, hopefully to get run over by a truck, and get my kid out of his school; I'm guessing the parents of this young boy had a similar desire, except that they were blocked from doing so (at least the bit about transferring schools) by the same public school bureaucracy which saw six months' suspension as appropriate punishment for this incident. Proving that government education monopolies everywhere, not just in the US, are completely unresponsive to consumer demand, leaving students not merely uneducated but in actual physical danger.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Fixed the archives

Well, mostly. Random numbers still seem to be appearing in the middle of older archives, and I haven't caught them all. But links are fixed, and the post archives by topic category are now up-to-date.

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