Friday, July 25, 2003

Capitalism: The best way of finding out what people are willing to pay money for

In the past 12 hours, there's been an unusual increase in the number of people either finding me buried in search results for Steve Sailer (I'm currently number 72, way down from a while ago), or directly searching through my site to see how many times I mention him. Following the links, I was also rather interested to see this:

14.8kb GIF image of partial screenshot from Google search

I feel uncomfortably like I'm being sized up as a target for yet another volley in some pro-Sailer vs. anti-Sailer war of words. To which I'll say, no one besides angry ranting partisans take angry partisan ranting seriously. Though I haven't always succeeded in disguising my scorn, disgust, irritation, and contempt for some ideas and people, especially on the AzNPrYd3 Aktivist Left, I've tried to calm down some in the past year since I started this blog. It's an important part of being taken even vaguely seriously.

Anyway, I'm off to the airport. Laptop's coming with me, so I'll be able to continue some work on an upcoming post on intermarriage, foreign vs. US born Asians, and pan-ethnic sentiment among AAs. (It's a little harder crunching the numbers than I thought it would be --- since I'd had no reason to use my copy of SAS since graduation, I didn't realize it doesn't work off campus.) More when I get back, or maybe while I'm still on the road, depending on how boring my trip is. =)

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