Sunday, May 18, 2003

Pain Thresholds

Anyone know if Punjabi Sikhs are known for having a particularly high tolerance for pain or heat? I'm just curious cuz we have one staying at our place (a friend of mine, senior student who graduated last year), I was washing dishes and he reached in to wash his hands in the pure hot water supply, which in our building is set somewhere around 120 F/50C. He didn't even flinch. My roommates (a Tibetan, one Kenyan Indian who isn't sure exactly where he's from but speaks Hindi, and one Tamil) can't touch the stuff, and even I wouldn't be found calmly washing my hands in it, no matter how much is said about the high pain threshold of East Asians. So I'm wondering whether my friend is merely a freak of nature or an average representative of his group.

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