Friday, April 18, 2003

Palden Gyatso

The Tibetan former political prisoner, was just sitting in my living room watching CNN on our little 13-inch TV. He's giving a talk at our school tonight and my roommate will be assisting with translation. He can't speak English, and I felt bad to speak Mandarin to him. So when my roommate left the room, he just kinda sat there watching the pictures on the TV.

Suddenly I'm inspired to say my piece on the issue of Tibet and China, which I'll start working on after I'm back from dinner and the talk, and try to get up tonight.


Back from Montreal, land of the cold weather and overwhelming Hong Kong domination, where I made far more use of Cantonese than my one year of French. Canadian bilingualism? Hehehe. I was there mostly just visiting high school friends, but while I was there also got the chance to meet a friend of a friend, some girl who I'd only spoken to online. This of course provoked lots of friends to send me articles about the horrors of online dating. This one from AsianWeek caught my attention in particular. It features mostly the stories of college guys getting the hookup online, but also discusses an older woman:

Jane, a 37-year-old Chinese American Silicon Valley software engineer, says she’s done the casual partying and dating, but now wants a husband and kids.

Keep in mind, Jane was thirty-seven at the time of the writing of this article.

Often, she meets someone and dates him once or twice, but then, they “don’t see each other again,�Eshe says. Two years ago, it was a different story. Through match.com, she met the man she thought she would marry. According to Jane, Dan is white, divorced, has three kids from his previous marriage and is eight years older than she.

In otherwords, Jane began dating Dan when she was thirty-five, at which time he was forty-three. When this article was written, Dan was forty-five.

Jane dated Dan the entire year of 1999 with the assumption that it would lead to marriage. She also says she loaned him $200,000 because he was having financial problems with his company. Then, without warning or explanation and without paying her back, Dan broke up with her in early 2000.

So Jane broke up with Dan when he was 44.

Dan confessed to Jane the reason he broke up with her �Eit shocks her even today: During their relationship, Dan started seeing a Chinese American woman, some 28 years his junior. And they are still seriously involved, believes Jane.

So, at some time between the ages of 43 and 44, Dan was dating an individual 28 years younger than him. Simple math tells us that his partner was not a woman at all, but a 15 or 16 year old --- a high school student. If "seriously involved" includes sex, Dan is guilty of statutory rape. I seriously hope that "28 years his junior" is a typo.

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