Thursday, March 20, 2003

Asian American Unsympathetic to War Protestors

The word from the proverbial man on the street. SF Chron article courtesy of Instapundit:

Outside the Transamerica Pyramid, more than 100 demonstrators shouted anti-war slogans, shutting down the intersection of Clay and Montgomery and angering motorists. "You suck. Why don't you all go to North Korea and do this," yelled Larry Chu, who had driven into the city from San Rafael and had been stuck for several minutes in his car.

So far, I haven't been much inconvenienced by protestors, though a presentation I was supposed to give today was cancelled by virtue of many students being too lazy to come to class today and calling it a walkout in solidarity with Iraqi civilians. How exactly walking out of the class of a professor who supports the anti-war position (she didn't cancel class) is supposed to help the people of Iraq is beyond me, but I got glares from several fellow students for asking the TA for permission to go ahead with my presentation anyway.

The process was going slowly. At Montgomery and Clay streets, about 15 demonstrators linked arms through lengths of 3-foot-long plastic tubing ... requiring four dozen police in riot gear to carefully and gingerly saw them apart.

The tubing, not the protestors.

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