Wednesday, February 19, 2003

More Chinese Crime in Japan

[Update 2003 Oct 13: Looking for news about the Fukuoka City teacher accused of abusing his mixed-race student? See my post on this topic, or go to the main page]

Breaking news from four hours ago courtesy of Yahoo! Japan, my partial translation below.

Chinese-Japanese Theft Ring Exposed - 38 Arrested, 390 Million Yen (US$3.3 Million) in Damages
In relation to the widening theft and fraud case of a group of Chinese and Japanese who broke into offices by using special tools to enter through loading areas and then withdrew money on stolen bank passbooks, police from the police headquarters of Fukuoka, Daibu, and Kumamoto prefectures on Feb 19th arrested 38 Chinese suspected of theft. In 11 prefectures including Fukuoka, Daibu, and Kumamoto, among the damages in some 222 cases (totalling 390,000,000 Yen), police report that they have selected for use as evidence 77 cases (estimated at 160,000,00 Yen or US$1.3 million) and have finished their investigation.

Thirty-eight Chinese people, huh? That's quite a few. I guess some of them got worried about giving Chinese people a bad name, since between the first paragraph and the second, eighteen of them apparently decided to naturalize as Japanese and change their names, and the nineteenth switched his allegiance to the Republic of Korea:

Arrested were 19 Chinese people including the leader Mr. Jiang Xuanzhong (40), an unemployed resident of Ijiri in the southern district of Fukuoka City, Mr. He Jianliang (39), unemployed and residence unknown, 18 Japanese people including Mr. Tanaka Naotoshi (54), a heavy machine operator from Minoshima in the Hakata district of Fukuoka City, and one South Korean.

Pretty neat trick, huh? To the Japanese press: come on guys, there's already enough real Chinese criminals in Japan for us Chinese people to be ashamed of without your inventing nineteen more.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Dr. M's Life Story

Just wanted to point everyone to an interesting special from the Straits Times (Singapore) about the life and times of Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia. (i.e. I'm getting lazy and using meta-blogging with little commentary to provide a continuing stream of content). Among the other facts it pointed out of which I wasn't really aware:

He was born on Dec 20, 1925, in Alor Star, Kedah, to an Indian school teacher father and a Malay mother.

Didn't realize he was mixed race. Furthermore, there's no mention of the Chinese roommate from his college days he often brings up when discussing the deterioration of race relations in Malaysia and cliquishness on college campuses:

One of seven Malays in a cohort of 70 medical students, he hung out with a clique of Malay students and was elected president of the Muslim Society on campus.

Finally, the author discusses at length Dr. M's views on human nature and race relations:

Dr. Mahathir's deep impressions about Singapore had their definitive freeze-frame in the moment he was left standing outside his friend's servant's quarters some 50 years ago. Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew wrote about the incident, which was related to him by Dr Mahathir, in his memoirs, From Third World To First. 'Mahathir was candid about his deep anti-Singapore feelings... It was an insult he did not forget. Singapore Chinese, he said, look down upon the Malays,' he wrote ...
'At another level, he encountered the Chinese in Social Darwinist imagery - a race endowed with superior genes and traits which he admired but also a horde of predatory immigrants whom he resented,' Prof Khoo said.

You can compare and contrast that with this (somewhat critical) discussion of Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew's own Social Darwinist views. (Thanks to Razib of Gene Expression for the link)


Chinese Exchange Student Arrested for Kyoto Crime Spree

Japan Times reports:

Arrested was 22-year-old exchange student Zhang An, who has reportedly admitted to the allegations. Investigators said Zhang broke into a house in Kyoto's Fushimi-ku at about 1:40 a.m. on Jan. 15 and stabbed 59-year-old Ikuko Kato in the head and stomach, killing her. He then stole about 11,000 yen, police said. Zhang was arrested over a separate break-in on a road in Muko, Kyoto Prefecture, on Feb. 16 after a resident alerted police, saying they had seen a robber.

It's really shameful. Japanese people attribute the recent increases in urban crime to Chinese illegals. Even my best friends in Japan have told me to my face that Chinese are inherently criminal. Now they have one more reason to believe it.

School Integration in Malaysia

Is it just me, or does this editorial from the New Straits Times, reprinted by Straits Times (Singapore) look like someone from some committee in the Ministry of Education using his media connections to float a test balloon? Anyway, the article points out the reason for the increasing Malay enrollment in private religious institutions:

Thus, the challenge for the committee is to formulate a system that not only liberates the school culture from the conservative Malay-Muslim ethos, which suffocates it and turns off non-Muslims, but also to find an alternative model of Islamic education that would satisfy Malays.

So the committee realize that the curriculum is a complete turn-off for Malays, and is causing them to turn to privately-funded schools which as a matter of necessity get their funding from rather more radical sources than the government, but never consider the fact that the curriculum is just as big an irritant to non-Malays. As a result, they presume that integrating Indians and Chinese into the national school system is as easy as providing mother-tongue education:

To appeal to non-Muslims, the committee will have to consider introducing Mandarin and Tamil in national schools because these are important markers of identity to the respective communities.

Unfortunately, the fact that only 2% of all Chinese pupils and 4% of Indian pupils are enrolled in the national-type schools shows dissatisfaction not just with the language there with the educational standards and curriculum content there (for example, the oft-ridiculed "moral education" classes). After all, even our own fearless MCA leaders have often seen fit to send their children to international schools teaching in English or to boarding schools overseas, in order to provide them with a better education, though often at the expense of their Chinese-language abilities. I guess people just don't trust the government to be able to provide a quality education, in any language (even English). Imagine that. As this recent MalaysiaKini article points out:

The national school system leaves much to be desired, and critics have been pointing this out for years - disparity in quality and facilities between rural and urban schools, very large class size, low morale among teachers such as to leave a largely female workforce, etc.

Anyway, note to the government: weren't you talking about vision schools a few months ago? Why not take small steps which don't require much funding before proposing huge and hugely redundant investments in curriculum development and teacher training for mother tongue education?

Monday, February 17, 2003

The Resurrected Immortal

Professor of Linguistics Marc Miyake is back after a brief hiatus with a wealth of new content, including a pointer to news about a recent UCLA Affirmative Action Bake Sale:

The sale, held on Bruin Walk on Feb. 3, offered cookies at different prices depending on the customer's race and gender. Black, Latina and American Indian females were charged 25 cents for cookies that cost males of minority descent 50 cents. White females were charged $1, and white males and all Asian Americans were charged $2. Students selling the cookies were assigned name tags portraying them as "Uncle Tom," "The White Oppressor" and "Self-Hating Hispanic Race Traitor." ... [president of the Bruin Republicans Andrew] Jones said many people would look at a black or Latino student taking part in a Bruin Republicans anti-affirmative action sale and either think to themselves or say out loud that the student is a traitor to his race.

It's not only blacks and Latinos who fall victim to this kind of racism from other members of their own race, but East Asians as well. As a guy of indeterminate ethnic appearance who can be mistaken for white, I'm intimately familiar with this phenomenon. Asian-American Aktivists have often dismissed my viewpoints by saying I can't possibly comprehend what it "really means to be Asian in America" because I've never experienced discrimination from white people based on my appearance (which, incidentally, I have --- I just don't take the fact that a white guy in line behind me at a bus station yells "Hey hurry up ching-chong" when I'm talking on a public phone in Cantonese to mean that all Evil Whiteys are out to get me), and hence, my viewpoints are moot.

As a result, I'm taking the cowardly route of keeping my mouth shut in Ethnic Studies class so I can get out intact and get back to the lab to finish my senior project, instead of getting in lots of arguments in a class I'm only taking because it's the only one classified as a "writing course" which still had available spots. The level of dishonesty in the class is staggering. Two weeks ago we did a unit on race relations in Malaysia which made no mention of 5-13 (the May 1969 post-election riots in which hundreds of Chinese were killed), tried to trace all racial tensions in Malaysia back to the British, and asserted that NEP/NDP affirmative action was in fact the panacea for poor relations despite the fact that Tunku Abdul Rahman had already implemented such policies prior to 5-13).

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