Sunday, October 20, 2002

From the "He said that IN PUBLIC?" Department

The San Francisco Examiner runs an article about West Portal and its sister school Alice Fong Yu, home to one of the Bay Area's Cantonese-English dual immersion programs. Unsurprisingly for a school which is 50% Asian and located in an affluent neighborhood, test scores are quite high, but this hasn't led to a particularly high ranking:

One of the oft-overlooked challenges is the school's relative lack of diversity. In spite of its high API scores, state education authorities classify West Portal as an average school for its demographics, mostly Chinese American and white. It scored only five out of 10 on the Similar Schools Ranking because its black students account for only 3.3 percent of the student body, and Latinos only 5 percent. Whites and Chinese Americans typically score higher, and state authorities say they are less difficult to educate.

Never imagined I'd see that in print. Apparently Steve Sailer's idea that schools should be ranked according to how high their students score relative to their IQ has more popular currency than I thought.

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