Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Asian Man Shows His White Pride
Crossing racial lines is said to be a good thing. So many completely assimilated Asian-Americans espouse the virtue of knowing how to function in America, offering "We're not in China anymore" as their excuse for ignoring their ancestral languages and looking to American pop culture to build up their self image. And it's worked. They've crossed over the racial lines and become assimilated to the extent that even a bunch of racist white teenage hoodlums will let the Asian man into their clique. And then he allegedly assisted them in beating down a black guy:

The incident -- waving what to many African Americans is an incendiary symbol of subjugation -- occurred as three white teenagers and one Asian youth from Damascus High School are facing juvenile court charges in the beating of a black freshman earlier this year. Prosecutors say the youths stomped the freshman as a mob of whites screamed racial slurs.

See the Washington Post article.

Now, racism isn't just a unique phenomenon of evil hegemonic white males against the minority. Read about racism by blacks against Asians.

This is just an unhealthy and dangerous form of the phenomenon I mentioned on June 19th - people supporting the ingroup against outgroup members. However, this obviously implies that people prefer to join with those of their own race when they run off to act out their hatred. People who ape members of an outgroup, as did this young lad, tend to do so with the perception that it will improve their position in some sort of status hierarchy, with the ultimate goal of giving them better access to mates. In simple terms, we have an Asian guy who thinks that helping whites beat up on blacks will improve his social standing with white people. Talk about desperate for acceptance. Fortunately for him, if convicted, he can only be held in a Youth Authority facility. In an adult prison, he'd probably find himself on the bottom hoping for a way up again, and not just in a social sense.

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